What you'll learn

This course will feature lessons on:

  • The Journey

    Go on a journey with like minded Believers that have a passion for the Muslim world and a desire to bring the hope of salvation found in Jesus. Spend time in prayer and sharing as you practice ministry methods together designed for every day application.

  • Understanding Islam

    Have you felt intimidated or fearful to reach out to your Muslim neighbors? Often times misconceptions and misinformation can keep us from moving when the Spirit leads. Learn the about the history and basic beliefs of Islam in a "safe" setting from former Muslims.

  • Worldview & Why it Matters

    How does Worldview effect building relationships with Muslims? You will spend time discovering how your own view, your Muslim neighbors view, and God's view, shapes the way in which we approach the world with the Gospel.

  • Your Ministry

    Have you spent time asking God, what is my "ministry"? You will go on a journey to listen for God's voice leading you to your role in sharing the Gospel while learning current methodology used in global missions for bridging the spiritual divide with your Muslim neighbors.

When & Where....

Fall Session - September/October 2021

The Fall session lesson content will unlock on September 2nd. The first live session discussion for Session 1 Orientation will be on September 9th @ 7PM CST. 

Due to continued restrictions and general public preference we have decided to post-pone in person classes for locals and remain solely online for live discussion sessions once a week. 


Included in the fee is the cost of books, (Once an Arafat Man, The Mind of Terror, and the Lead with Love Journey Guide), required to complete the course. For couples the fee includes two Journey Guides.


The Instructors of Lead with Love come from various walks of ministry. Some are Believers of Muslim backgrounds, others have been on the Muslim world mission field for a combined experience of 30+ years. For their safety and current ministry relationships we keep all our staff protected from public display.

What our students say...

"Hope for Ishmael has helped me grow in learning how to lead with love with the Muslim community in Kuwait" - Kathy

"Learning from and praying with my MBB (Muslim background believing) brothers and sisters each morning lifts up a new song in my heart that I can then release into the air of community to share the gospel in bold celebration" - Nikki

"It is an honor and dream come true to be a part of HFI and to call them my family. I'm so blessed god has put them in my life. Being a pivotal component of showing the love of Christ, reaching and discipling MBBs and teaching me, has made me more confident in how I lead with love and bring hope to the lost. Thank you HFI!" - Amy